Increasing brand awareness through TikTok & Spark Ads

Social Soup engaged 2 TikTok creators to create content for the Biore Charcoal range. Both content was amplified through Spark Ads to drive purchase direct to Woolworths.

TikTok Videos

Organic Reach

Amplified Reach


The client wanted to drive sales of Biore Charcoal by activating consumers on the path to purchase through engaging TikTok content through Spark Ads and organic reach.

Amplification was organised during a peak 50% off sale period at Woolworths for Biore Charcoal.


Social Soup recruited young and popular lifestyle creators with a dominant presence on the Australian TikTok sphere.

  • 1 x Mega Influencer (80k-150k)
  • 1 x High Macro Influencers​ (30k-80k)

Tracking Success

2 TikTok videos were created and shared showcasing #BioreCharcoal as a key focus of their skincare routine.

We achieved:

  • 282k video views (236% of the total potential reach)
  • 3% TikTok Engagement Rate
  • 323 Video Saves


Through Spark Ads on both videos we achieved:

  • 180,360 video views
  • 4283 link clicks direct to Woolworths sale
  • 10,690 engagements


For both ads, we had a defined audience targeting those interested in acne cleaners and skincare – leading to increased link clicks and engagement. The influencer endorsement of having the product apart of their daily routine is appealing and relatable.

Latest Work

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