MasterFoods Herbs & Spices

Social Soup used influential voices to bring to life how MasterFoods Herbs & Spices is easier to use, enabling it to become the brand of choice for consumers.

Organic Reach




Social Soup launched a multi-tiered influencer program to drive mass awareness, education and peer advocacy which brought to life how MasterFoods Herbs & Spices new packaging convenience and freshness.

  • Content creators produced bespoke content which built awareness, relevance and high quality content inspiration amongst the target audience.
  • Everyday samplers headed in-store to purchase the product, driving authentic trial of the H&S range by activating consumers on the path to purchase and delivering reviews to to 3rd party site (through Bazzarvoice) to drive wider influence amongst future potential consumers


An influence-led strategy enabled the new MasterFoods Herbs & Spice range to be actively trialled and shared at scale amongst relevant audiences:

  • 3x Macro Influencers (10k-50k)
  • 840x Nano Samplers
  • 720 Reviews
  • 250 Testimonials

Driving awareness and a wealth of positive sentiment through demonstration of the new packaging and its benefits through real, authentic voices.

“I LOVE chilli, the packaging for this is great and easy to use. The chilli is great to use in dishes especially if you want that little kick! Would buy again and again”

Souper Kelly

The Results

Our macro influencers shared a total of 8x pieces of content, including a mix of static, carousel, reels and stories, delivered a total potential organic reach 404% over our goal (242K+ achieved, vs. 60K goal).

  • On the ground, a total 840 consumers headed in-store to pick up their product, showcasing ease of purchase in addition to demonstrating – showcasing the ease of use/new packaging.
  • A wealth of positive sentiment flooded digital platforms across the campaign, including positive conversations between our macro influencers and their followers who responded to the branded content with praise for the new features, sharing their affinity to MasterFoods.
  • This positive discussion was further amplified by the nano samplers, who gave the products a rating of 4.7 out of 5 and shared hundreds of positive reviews regarding their product experience – notably mentioning its ease of use, ease of identification, and excellent quality product and packaging.
  • At the end of the campaign, our research highlighted that 98% of our samplers would keep buying the MasterFoods Herbs & Spice range, sharing long-term advocacy and purchase intent amongst the target audience.

Latest Work

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Social Soup used influential voices to bring to life how MasterFoods Herbs & Spices is easier to use, enabling it to become the brand of choice for consumers.

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