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Integrating brands into hard-to-reach networks with Philips Avent.

Social Soup was tasked to build a Networker and Social Amplifier campaign, over 12 months, sharing Philips Avent products with hard-to-reach mothers’ groups. This created a consistent presence, built branding, activated WOM, and captured customer insights.





The client wanted to maintain a consistent brand building presence over 12 months. This was to be achieved through both high-quality content and widespread trial integration into networks of new mums who are making decisions about which feeding and soothing brands are for them.

Networker trials aimed to recruit and activate new mums to share Philips Avent products within their networks, capturing valuable consumer insights and authentic reviews

Social Amplifiers were to be targeted and engaged to educate audiences on the convenience and usage occasions of Avent through high-quality, repurposable content.


A social activation strategy building the Philips Avent branding through a 12-month tiered Influencer campaign:​

  • 5 x Social Amplifiers (30k-50k)
  • 625 x Networkers (Across the year)

To create quality relatable mum content and produce education of product benefits, through influencer content and social challenge UGC. Additionally, driving WOM and advocacy by integrating Avent into hard-to-reach mothers’ groups.

“This Bottle was exactly what my newborn needed. They were quick to latch on to the bottle. Great flow, great size and very comfortable to hold in your hand. I found there was no leakage of milk which happens with other bottles.”

Souper Casey

The Results

After the first 2 Quarters, Social Amplifiers shared a total of 6 pieces of high-quality content on Instagram, showcasing #PhilipsAvent #PhilipsAventAustralia #AventParent

This content had an organic reach of 17,200 and an engagement rate of 2%. The audience had quality engagements with this content as they were excited about the Avent product and expressed their love for Avent bottles and soothers. Parents who had not yet tried Avent products gained interest in trying out the bottles, soothers and breast pump for their babies.

In the first half of the year, Networkers shared soothers and feeding bottles within their networks, capturing valuable consumer insights and authentic reviews. Networkers greatly overachieved their reviews target. Reviews landed 446% above the set goal for Quarter 1 and 355% above the set goal for Quarter 2.

As part of the creative challenge, Networkers shared content on Instagram showcasing their Philips Avent product within their everyday life. 255 pieces of content were submitted in Quarter 1 and 182 pieces of content in Quarter 2.

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