Leverage influencer partnerships to drive mid-funnel consideration for Blackmores Immunity Winter Campaign.

Social Soup embarked on a transformative influencer marketing campaign with Blackmore to increase consideration of its hero immunity products in the lead up to the cold and flu season. There was a clear opportunity to support Blackmores brand campaign with engaging long-form video content to drive education. The solution was an exceptional creator marketing campaign that leveraged five strategic influencer partnerships.

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In the lead up to the winter cold and flu season, Social Soup embarked on a campaign aimed at inspiring ‘Immunity Seekers’ (25-44 years) to invest in their wellbeing by building consideration and engagement with Blackmores’ hero immunity products, Bio C® 1000 and Daily Immune Action.


The power of influence was harness across two product-focused activations by partnering with five carefully chosen Macro Creators, each representing a distinct segment of the target audience and tasked with producing engaging and relatable content which showcased how Blackmores Bio C products allow them to “protect their unmissable moments”. This supported the TVC and brand creative, while ingeniously highlighting how Blackmores Immunity products empower consumers to protect their special moments, ensuring the campaign resonated on a personal level with the target audience.


The Content:
Meticulous creative planning and creator selection led to the delivery of bespoke content unique to each influencer and their own vertical. A millennial comedian, a busy mum of two kids, a TV personality turned outdoors adventure fanatic, a mental health and wellbeing advocate and a down-to-earth radio host, each chosen for their genuine appeal and reflection of Blackmores brand values, used their unique storytelling style to effortlessly integrate the products within content. Resulting in a diversity of original content strategies, ranging from skit-led comedic content to adventure-packed narratives

The Results

The campaign significantly elevated brand awareness and built consideration amongst the Immunity Seeker demographic, exemplifying the power of creativity, authenticity and planning smarts within an influencer marketing campaign needing to adhere to TGA requirements.


Successfully Built Consideration:
The key KPIs were surpassed through building long-term engagement across diverse segments of the target audience, with data showcasing strong consideration built amongst Immunity Seekers to consider Blackmores Bio C products as essential within their daily health regime. Evident through over-delivery on all engagement, dwell-time and click through KPIs.


Briefing Under Strict TGA Guidelines:
By identifying all regulatory concerns and proactively communicating them to creators, we enhanced our ability to provide comprehensive briefs, ultimately mitigating potential frustrations and streamlining the creative process. Content that seamlessly integrated products outperformed all brand assets, showcasing that we effectively balanced brand and regulatory mandates with creators’ artistic vision.

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