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Enhancing brand relations with new Mothers through targeting influential networks harnessing trusted voices.

To establish a profound and enduring emotional connection between mothers and the Avent brand, the "Never Miss a Mum" program was conceived, which aimed to empower a broad group of mothers in real life to experience Avent products personally and actively engage and influence their extensive networks of fellow mothers through the power of word-of-mouth advocacy.

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Avent’s objective was to nurture and enhance their relationship with their audience. Avent aspired to elevate awareness by educating the audience on the merits of their products. The overarching aim was to ensure Avent remained a prominent choice among consumers, achieved through endorsements from trusted influencers and word-of-mouth referrals.


An impactful program titled “Never Miss a Mum” was delivered. This initiative empowered a select group of influential mothers, both online and offline, offering them the opportunity to personally experience Avent products and actively influence their extensive networks of fellow mothers by sharing the products and experiences with them. The program operated quarterly, leveraging community, referrals, and nationwide mother groups for recruitment, achieving impressive results over a 12-month period.

A total of 625 networker mums were engaged each quarter, equipped with talking points to seamlessly integrate Avent into conversations which was supported by the Social Soup app. 9 Influencers across Instagram and TikTok were also used to engage mothers and educate the audience about product benefits with authentic, relatable content. This campaign was bolstered by a precisely targeted paid amplification strategy, using audience and interest identifiers to guarantee that it reached the intended audience effectively.

The Results

Avent’s year-long influencer marketing initiative achieved remarkable outcomes, recruiting and mobilising 2,500 networkers in a phased approach over 12 months. The program yielded impressive results, achieving an outstanding 90% purchase intent and boosted the brand’s NPS score by a remarkable 28 points, (63 in total) surpassing competitors and solidifying Avent’s standing among mothers. The campaign’s triumph was largely credited to the recruitment of deeply involved mothers with extensive networks, all enthusiastically sharing their trial experiences through prequalification surveys.

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