Being a Creator
How do I become a Creator?

Great question! In your profile section, simply connect your Instagram account.

If you meet the below requirements, we’ll be in touch via email.
– Over 2,000 followers on Instagram
– High percentage (over 30%) Australian audience
– Strong engagement levels (2 – 3% average)

What does being a Creator get me?

Access to content creation campaigns where we ask you to get your creative jucies flowing and post on Instagram.

These campaigns are often for higher valued items, think Dyson Vacuums, LG Phones and you’ll often receive some $$ for your hard work.

Pretty cool huh?!

When will you be contacting me? And over what?

After you’ve signed up to Social Soup, you enter our pool of Creators. Every time a new campaign comes up, we dip into this pool to find people who suit this campaign. You’ll hear from us as soon as we have a campaign that matches your unique profile and we’ll be contacting you over our Social Soup app.

Being a Souper
I’ve signed up to Soup. What now?

Sit tight. When a project comes up that we think you’d like, we’ll email. Don’t worry if this takes awhile, we’re pretty picky about making sure the right people get teamed with the right projects. No cheese testing for the lactose intolerant. That sort of thing.

I love being a Souper! How do I get my friends involved?

Now you’ve gone and made us blush. Simply send get them to download the app and create an account.

I haven’t heard from you for a long time (or at all!). What’s going on?

It might be your spam filter, so check your junk folder first. Quickest way to solve this problem is to add Social Soup to your safe senders list. You might also want to update your profile details in the app. This will help us get you on projects that are right for you. If you’re still concerned, drop us a line at projects@socialsoup.com.

How do I unsubscribe?

It’s always sad to see a Souper go, but if you feel we’re no longer right for you, here’s a simple unsubscribe page. Also, there is an unsubscribe link at the end of every email we send.

Thinking of joining...
How do I become a Souper?

Simply download our app and create an account, easy peasy!

We invite you to trials that best suit you so make sure you keep us in the loop with what’s happening in your life by updating your profile in the Social Soup app. If you tie the knot or take up tai chi, update your profile. Don’t forget to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts to increase your chance of more invites.

Will I get paid to be a Souper?

If your definition of ‘paid’ involves cold hard cash, then no you won’t get paid. However if you see getting paid as having the chance to experience new products, attend events and explore ideas, often before the rest of the world, then yes, we pay very well.

Will you send me junk?

Short answer: No. We cross our hearts to never send spam, marketing emails or give your details to third parties. Anytime we have a project we think might interest you, we’ll contact you using the details you gave us when you signed up. You can cancel your membership at any time by emailing us using the form above, unsubscribing or calling us.

Free products sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. We only ask that you agree to surrender your mortal soul, for now and ever more. No, not really. We give you products to try and only ask for your honest opinion in return – be it good, bad or whatever. Other than that we’re completely cost and obligation free.

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