What we do for brands

What we do for Brands

We are an influencer marketing agency specialising in elevating brands through the power of social proof and word-of-mouth. Our strategic approach combines targeted consumer trials with influential personalities to generate compelling advocacy. From in-store trials and third-party reviews to expansive influencer content campaigns, we craft experiences that resonate.

At Social Soup, we collaborate closely with our clients to curate campaigns that align with their goals. Whether the objective is to ignite brand awareness during a product launch, educate consumers, or foster lasting brand loyalty, we leverage our cutting-edge technology for precise measurement and optimisation.

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We believe influence is most powerful in true partnership with brands

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“It was all because we had a real open discussion about challenges that are facing my business, and things I needed moving forward, and you delivered on it. The year has only just begun and I feel like I’m already off to a good start.”
Simon Amor-Riddoch,
Marketing Manager at Phillips

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“Executed flawlessly. Delivered on the brief. Continual communication throughout the campaign (without asking!) and always a strong sense of follow up. A true pleasure to partner with.”
Pam Wilson,
Marketing Director, L’Occitane

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“The quality of the influencer recs and the produced content was really strong – the client was super happy with the output and loved the final posts. Social Soup were also very accommodating on the changes requested by the client and facilitated a collaborative approach to content creation. Being able to lean on them to source relevant influencers is really valuable, as this can be quite a manual and time-consuming process especially on larger campaigns.”
Eugenia Yeung,
Associate Director of Content Partnerships, Reprise Digital

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Our Approach to Influencer Marketing

Discover the essence of influence across tiers—each playing a unique role in audience engagement. From the expansive impact of larger creators to the authentic trust of nano influencers, we navigate the spectrum for your brand. Our approach meticulously balances trust and social proof, creating a catalyst for meaningful action. Elevate your brand with a tailored influencer strategy, reaching every tier for maximum impact.​

Approach to influencer marketing

Channels of Influence

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Macro Creators

Engaging influencers with over 20k following to build strategic, ​bespoke partnerships that connect brands and expert creators.


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Micro creators


Micro Creators

Our vetted micro-influencer community are a trusted channel to highly engaged audiences. They are powerful in driving relevance and inspiring purchase.


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Love reviews


Review Crew

With retailer reviews increasing likelihood to purchase by 2x, reviews are an essential opportunity to influence your target consumer on their purchasing journey.


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Scan & Collect

An in-retail purchase experience using proprietary contactless sampling technology, allowing brands to engage with consumers en-mass to purchase, trial and create social proof for new and existing products.


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Access hard to reach networks of influential people to drive extended product trial, shared usage occasions and WOM advocacy through direct referral.


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Community Research

Access segments of your key demographic through tailored research to gain quantifiable insights and a deeper understanding about your product, brand, category or audience.


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